Hellooooo  lisa_round There!

Who Am I?

I am an author and a lover of life
Spontaneity fills my soul
Helping others warms my heart
Learning feeds my mind
I believe that through sharing our stories with one another, we are able to connect on the highest level
My magic happens through helping people share their truths.

On the Outside…

My life appeared perfect:
Born in Brooklyn
Raised by a middle class family on Long Island, NY
Attended Gettysburg College
An athletic, A-B student
6th-8th grade English teacher in NYC
Loyal friends and a loving family.

On the Inside…

I was literally dying:
20 year battle with alcoholism and drug addiction
Pain camouflaged behind a polished exterior
Secrets bottled up and emotions buried
A false, shiny image
I fooled everyone, well, until the consequences began to set in
My façade emotionally, mentally and physically nearly killed me
In 2011, I made a decision to change my life.

My Vision is…

Share my experiences with you
Unleash the tools that I use
To create a space where people can be real
Host a talk show—a regular person for regular people.

Let’s Talk for Real…

By opening up a dialogue and conversation
To share honestly about what is going on inside us
and work towards solutions so you’re free to LIVE YOU.